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Advice Please...

Alryte... i need sum advice or sum help or sumthing here... My closest friend, Sara, well we arent all that close anymore n we havent been for awhile, but shes still my closest friend... n her best friend, Jess, just amazes me n shes a great friend of mine too... but the two of them werent getting along so well fer a pretty long time... n now both of them hang out with these other two girls i noe n they all get along fer the most part despite sum jealousy probs between whos closer to who... well they hang out 24/7 n im never included... which is really weird becuz im pretty darn close to all of em... well what im trying to get at here is that ive been really jealous of all the time theyve been spending together when im at home doing nuthing until the weekends over n they all get online n say how great of a weekend they had... what upsets me a lot is the fact that well between me sara n jess, we always get the bday girl a big stuffed animal to hold tight at night er when their upset... n sara was upset about not being as close to jess as she used to be n she wanted me to get her a big stuffed animal by myself n i was really flattered i guess... but one of the girls she started hanging out with got her a little bear thing n now she doesnt want me to get her anything fer her 16th bday at all... :'(... i dont want to feel jealous... esecially of my best friends... sum1 please help...
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