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christian punks,geeks,and freaks unite's Journal

6th November, 2007. 11:21 am.(rachy1990)

Hey, hello all,
I've been searching high and low for a Christian community and this was the only one that i found that looked cool so i hope u don't mind if i join in. :)

I just joined LJ a few months ago cause one of my girl friends made a community for some of us who were raised in our church back home but had to move away.  Ya know, just to keep in touch with everybody. :) 
Anyway i really like posting and throwing in my two cents when i can; thus my quest to find a nice blog spot where christian people who love God and love life can totally be open, ask for prayer, scripture help...etc...or even just hang out and talk. :)

I'm 17 about to finish high school.
I'm looking into interpretation as a potential career. :)  I love sign Language.  I finger spell all the time!  It's fun, like ??jumping4christ?? said, to sign to your friends and nobody else has any clue what n the heck you're saying!!

I have 2 cats--cirrus and blacky
2 dogs--Lizzy and Shemmy
and one horse--Bailey.  Actually his full name is Rumblebuffen Bailey but i never call him that. :)
I like to read old books, classics like a tale of two citys or pride and prodigious!  I love Jane Austin!!  Oh! And C.S.Lewis is wicked awesome!!!  :)
Jerry B Jenkins has written some pretty cool ones too--Though none go with me!!!!!  Love that one!!

I travel ALOT!!!!  I've been to both costs, Alaska( my grandpa was a missionary there), Texas, and Canada, i'm in Florida now. :)

I like old movies--carry grant is one of my favorites and Audry Hepburn!!  Ol what's his face!!  In Casablanca!........???  I always forget his name. 

I like meeting new people, going on long walks w/ my brother, writing letters to my people, singing/listening to Christian music.
I love being with God's people!  

What else do you want to know about me??

My full name is rachy t  ;-)  ~some of my girl friends call me ray~ my brothers call me rach or sis. :)  y'all can call me whatever the heck you want to. :)  just so long as it's nice.  ;)
God bless all!!!

Current mood: tired.

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22nd November, 2005. 8:56 am.(jcocks7)

yes, it's true, i'm starting up a christian club at my school, and it's going to be better than the rest of them, because all the other christian clubs fell apart and are no more and that really pisses me off. i have come up with a constitution but i don't know a name for this club. if there is any name that describes a christian's journey with christ, God's love, or the fact that he gives us salvation for free through christ, that would be great if my genious friends could come up with something. also if you have a name that is has an even better story thing behind it than the ones that i came up with, you would get ten million kudos and a hug!!

here is my constitution, hopefully this is good enough.


________ club is designed for those who know and those who would like to know more about God and Jesus Christ and learn about ways we can serve him through the school. This club will be different from the other "Christian clubs" because we will be a combination of the previous clubs and then some. We will have a dedicated prayer time, along with a bible study, as well as opportunities to give something back to not only our school community, but the whole Everett-Seattle, area. We will also not fall apart like the rest because we will have structure through planning, dedication, etc.

thank you
thank you
thank you

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4th August, 2005. 2:06 am.(jumpin4christ)

I start my brand new co-op on monday!YAY!i can't wait.Well actually i can, because when co-op starts that means i will have to do all the rest of my school too.Isn't that great.Youth group was awesome as usual.I like it way better than norhteastwood.Oooh i am going to a swing dancing party on friday and it should be super cool.YAY!I am bored and tired and really need some doe.

Current mood: not really its just funny.

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26th July, 2005. 9:47 pm.(legna_)

hey. I just joined this community.
About me: I've been a member of the same church all of my life but I've never taken it seriously and niether has my siblings who are around the same age as me. My mom is really devout but now that I've been trying to do more chruch stuff she's been acting psycho. Can you pray that I won't stop growing closer to the church b/c my mom. lol. that sounded so corny b/c I can't explain anything right. If you read a recent entry of mine you might get what I mean about my mom. But I don't really want to explain it and whatever.

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26th July, 2005. 1:51 pm. suggestion(facedown86)

Hey yall should check out The Wedding-- they're a relatively new Christian punk band that released an album I think back in April, and they rock my face off :)

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14th July, 2005. 4:15 am. Just a quickie(heyunfaithful04)

Hey guys. I just have a quick prayer request. I am in a really awkward situation with two of my best friends. I don't want to explain it all, but just pray that we figure it all out and that I will stop feeling like this. Thanks so much. God Bless!

Current mood: happy, yet sad/hurt.

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1st June, 2005. 8:54 pm. Prayer Request(this_is_me_08)

Id like to ask for a prayer request... one of my best friends preachers got into a motorcycle accident yesterday... 65% of his body has 3rd degree burn n he might end up losing both of his hands n his left leg is broken... he might not make it out of recovery... im just asking for a simple prayer for him and all the people at the church who are holding special praying sessions and making sure hes getting taken care of... Thank u so much!

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8th May, 2005. 9:24 pm. Advice Please...(this_is_me_08)

Alryte... i need sum advice or sum help or sumthing here... My closest friend, Sara, well we arent all that close anymore n we havent been for awhile, but shes still my closest friend... n her best friend, Jess, just amazes me n shes a great friend of mine too... but the two of them werent getting along so well fer a pretty long time... n now both of them hang out with these other two girls i noe n they all get along fer the most part despite sum jealousy probs between whos closer to who... well they hang out 24/7 n im never included... which is really weird becuz im pretty darn close to all of em... well what im trying to get at here is that ive been really jealous of all the time theyve been spending together when im at home doing nuthing until the weekends over n they all get online n say how great of a weekend they had... what upsets me a lot is the fact that well between me sara n jess, we always get the bday girl a big stuffed animal to hold tight at night er when their upset... n sara was upset about not being as close to jess as she used to be n she wanted me to get her a big stuffed animal by myself n i was really flattered i guess... but one of the girls she started hanging out with got her a little bear thing n now she doesnt want me to get her anything fer her 16th bday at all... :'(... i dont want to feel jealous... esecially of my best friends... sum1 please help...

Current mood: Cranky.

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1st May, 2005. 5:26 pm.(jumpin4christ)

I wish more people would join this community, but i have a feeling they wont because it is pretty dead..Seeing as how i made this community i really need to start updating.I might be joining this awesome co-op next year where they will be teaching sign language.I love sign language now.Its so much fun saying things to your friends and nobody else knows what u are saying.I find that awesome!And my friend dustin goes to that co-op and i barely ever get to see him so it will be nice to see him once a week.Ms. Dinina says that if i really work hard over the summer learning all the sign language i possibly can, that she would let me in to her class.I am so excited so i worked on practicing for an hour today and a while yesterday.Oh my gosh last night i saw the return of the king for the first time and it was so awesome, except for when gollum bit of frodos finger that was a bummer.But frodo was so stupid in that movie.I just love sam so much.He is my hero now.Oh and so is aragorn.

Current mood: anxious.

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9th April, 2005. 12:11 pm. Prayer Request(this_is_me_08)

I have a prayer request... One of the ppl ive been talking to on livejournal for awhile now is Christs Eeyore and hes been having a really tough time lately... Heres one his last post:

Now I find myself... more alone than I've ever been... more alone than I've ever felt... God I know you're up there... help me.

I would really appreciate any1 who will pray for him... Also, any1 who could leave him a post or sumthing would be amazing... Hes been feeling realllly alone n i dont want him thinking that ever... Thanks so much!!!

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